Budget Cruising Sails

                            LR Sails Number1 for: Quality and Value

             Budget Cruising Sails

                                                              Cruising sails to Fit all Budgets

Most Cruising people are looking for sails that not only, last a long time but give great value for money. 

LR Sails is committed to giving the Cruising people of Australia, not only what they are looking for, but the highest of quality for great value pricing.

Here at LR Sails we build all styles of Cruising Sails:

Headsails and Mainsails:

Cross Cut Budget Sails

Radial Cut Polyester Sails

Radial Cut Dyneema Sails

Radial Cut Laminate Sails

In Boom Furling Mainsails

In Mast Furling MainSails

Furling Headsails

Hanked On Headsails

Down Wind Sails:

Symmetrical Spinnakers

Asymmetrical Spinnakers

                       Flat Furling Reachers Internal Cable Top Down Furl.

                       Powerful Furling Reacher Internal Cable Top Down Furl.

                       Code Zero Internal Cable bottom up Furl.

                         Screechers For Multihulls Internal cable bottom up Furl.

   Top down Furling systems

    Bottom up Furling Systems

    Spinnaker Sock Systems


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