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LR Sails, One Sails Brisbane are committed to giving you the best service, quality and choice for all your sail needs, whether it is for your Cruising or Racing Yacht, Multihull or Off the Beach Catamaran or Monohull.

LR Sails, One Sails Brisbane is equipped with the latest in heavy duty, Zig Zag, long arm sewing machines for those heavy duty sails and repairs   

LR Sails, One Sails Brisbane uses the latest Prosail 3 Design software along with prosail 3 plotter and digitiser
We Also have access to Sail Pack design program with access to leading designers with in the One Sails World network



LR Sails repair all sails, covers and sundry items for yachts and multihulls, off the beach catamarans and dinghies. 

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Sacrificial UV

LR Sails will fit UV to your existing headsail. 

Or replace that old worn UV on your headsail.

UV Covers

LR Sails will custom make UV covers to fit your boat.

UV Boom covers to keep your mainsail out of the damaging Sun.

Dagger board, Rudder Covers & Tramps

LR Sails will make covers for your Off the Beach Catamaran and Monohull Rudders and Dagger boards. 

Boat and regatta covers are also made to order.

New Sail Designs
We use Prosail  design sotware

Whether you cruise or race your Yacht, Multihull, off the beach catamaran or monohull, LR Sails can design the right sail for your needs from materials of your choice and budget.

As One Sails Brisbane We are also able to design and

supply all of the One Sails range of products including One

sails M3, Vector And 4t Forte Composite, Complete one

piece continuous Fiber Sails. This is the latest technology

in sail innovation. For more information please contact us


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